Random act of kindness with a twist

This may go totally totally wrong or it might go actually pretty great.

Hi, my name is Simina. No, not Simona, Sabina or Sigina (and yes, there is a person with that name whom I know personally). And I… I am born on the 1st of April. April Fools’ Day, and according to Wikipedia, a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other, because in the old times of Chaucer’s Canteburry Tales (I am an English major after all), people who would still consider it the first day of the year, according to the old calendar, were fools. Wow. Talk about being there for each other and helping a brother out. This is the reason why children are so mean in kindergarten.

Anyway. So yeah, April 1st. And no, I’m not using this post to rub it in your face as such a special day in the lifetime of this planet because I was born (even though I was and it is special). I’m just really curious if my friends (but not only), who have made jokes about this birthday of mine ALL my life, still have it going and can come up with something new. If I was King Arthur, I’d organize a tournament. But because I’m not and it’s really nice being a lady instead, I want to see if people can think of really good jokes connected to the fact that I’m born on the 1st of April.

It’s really great that today I heard a first (which doesn’t happen often), from a “he who shall not be named”, and it goes a little something like this: “I bet your mom really tried to get past midnight for April 1st and then the thought of you being born on that day was so funny that she laughed you out”. LOL.

If you can beat that (and I mean my level of laughter when I read the joke), you are in for a treat. If I know you really well, it will be a personalized something (I haven’t thought about it yet), and if I don’t know you… Oh, who am I kidding, I WILL KNOW you. *insert angelic smile*. The point is that if you’re funny, you get a gift. And who doesn’t like gifts, am I right? I am. I totally am.

Leave your jokes in the comment section below (that sounds like something Ray William Johnson would say), or in the comments of this post on Facebook. You have time until, well… my birthday. 😀

Let the funny games begin!