Refreshing things up a notch

I decided it’s good to have a blog. Even if people don’t know who you are and you may not have many readers. It’s good be able to express yourself, to be out there, to have opinions that you can say (write) out loud.

Teenage girls do it on Tumblr. Must admit I’m a huge fan myself. Others do it on Facebook. Again, huuuge fan. Others have a vlog on YouTube (gonna get there soon 😉 ). And others have blogs. Long, long blogs, with a lot of words, with things that sometimes may be boring (yes, it happens) or, on the contrary, very useful.

I neglect my blog like a neglect a diary when I’m too scared to get deeper into my thoughts.  But soon, this will change as my blog is going to be the sidekick of what I like to call my “new project”. I just need to think about the title and you (all 3 of you, dear readers – OK, maybe 5, sorry) will be able to witness my letting go of my online dignity. Which actually makes me think: did I have any?… Hmm.

Aaanyway, my life’s gonna be good. Win some, lose some.

Daily Grace – YouTube star