What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

There are good times and bad times. And I’ve had plenty of both, so I can’t really complain about anything at this point. Good times are when I’m what others would call “happy” and what I personally call “balanced”. Bad times are when I’m utterly confused and overwhelmed, mostly by overthinking. Obviously, this post is about the bad times. Because when you struggle to find someone to talk to but you don’t feel like you can completely express yourself, you write on the blog. And by you I mean me. Obviously.

There’s so much pressure in knowing. Knowing what you want, knowing what’s going on in the sense that you can finally overcome the fear of missing out, just knowing where you stand and what’s coming next. That’s kind of a balance. Knowing. 

And I’m about to get really personal here and go ahead and declare I don’t know anymore. I’m floating in space and it’s confusing and I’m really not a fan of this feeling.

I made a bad pun there. Hehe.

This time it’s different. I guess it’s different every time. But now there’s nothing I can hang on to in order to go back to balance, other maybe than writing everything down and taking selfies at the end. Just kidding, I don’t take selfies. Just kidding again.

Someone asked me what my biggest vice is some time ago and I couldn’t answer. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs. However, I found it. It’s overthinking. That, and looking at houses on Airbnb. Yes, I know, I’m weird, welcome to my blog. Going back to overthinking, though. It’s not bad, right? I mean, it could be seen as deeply analyzing a situation. But when you put feelings into that analysis and turn it from an Excel doc into a thought… Boom. And that’s what I did. I exported the Excel into something else (I know a lot more fancy words like “export”, trust me on this one 😉 ).

I do realize this is very vague for anyone to understand what I’m ranting on about. Let’s break it down a bit.

I’m also distracting you with gifs.

I do know things, I’m not stupid. That much I know about myself, ahem. I know what I’m doing at work, I know how to handle things with my cat etc etc.

But people always seem to go around one thing only: feelings.

I also know I’m funny.

My opinion is that people who seem very focused on money are probably trying to make it because they need to impress someone they have feelings for. Just saying. Because money doesn’t make the world go round, people do, and people have feelings. Look at me, the Einstein of love. Bad joke.

But what do you do when you don’t know what to do, knowing that no matter what you do, bridges will burn and you’re not really a fan of burning those bridges because they will destroy any hope for balance in the future? (Go back to gif number 1) . Vague again, right? I know that too.

Do you burn the bridges? What if you’re going to miss the bridges? What if the bridges will never talk to you again? Why am I using so many metaphors?

If you didn’t get anything out of this blog, it’s cool, because we shall never mention it in a conversation. But I do like to think this is a funny expression of emotions.


I really don’t know. 

Gifs via Google


Little into being 24 #twss


So a while a go I wrote a post about the real things you need to know by the time you turn 24. This is the sequel. I had pretty great insights on that one, but then again this blog isn’t bringing me any money, so I’m glad for nothing. Oh, wait. It’s called personal branding. I just said that. Yeah. Now more people are reading my shenanigans (I’ve been waiting for an occasion to write this word in like forever), hooray! …

Moving on, here are some more things you need to know in order to succeed at life by my judgement, if you ever cared about my opinion.

1.  Know what gifts to buy for your friends.  I suck at buying gifts, too. It’s ok. Don’t feel embarrassed or anything. It’s ok if you give the “wrong” gifts to people. They will smile and say “thank you” even if they don’t like it so much. Just the way you do it.  But you can fix this. Seriously. A mug is not a really good idea, and God knows I made that rookie mistakes oh so many times. Also, never soap. There are other ways to show somebody they need to take a shower. Like, actually telling them or something. (Life hack: check their Pinterest boards and Tumblr accounts).

giphy (1)

2. Pay your phone bills on time. Or just wait for people to call you, you selfish prick. (This might be a little monologue, fyi). And any other bills, I might add. It’s this thing called responsibility, I guess…

3. Be judgmental. I mean, where would you be right now if you weren’t judging things the right way? It’s not about gossiping, and it’s not about being mean. It’s about figuring out who you want to hang out with, who you want to work with and having your own opinions. For yourself. For your own little life. All that is made through a judgment, amirite? As you might have noticed, I disagree with people who say “don’t judge” or whatever. I mean, how did you survive on this planet? Who made decisions for you?

4. Make some friends and keep them close. Don’t be that guy who stays in all day and does nothing, but has so many opinions about how the world should be, when in fact you’re not getting the point. Friends help you overcome that. They help you have a better and clearer version about the world, which probably should be a certain way, but at least now you know you’re not too lost. Because your only opinion is never enough to make a good judgment. (Oh my God, where did that come from, brain?)

giphy (2)

5. Help someone. Start small: family, friends, acquaintances. I don’t know if they need help, but they might be out of gas and really close to your place. Go pick them up or something. I don’t know, I don’t drive.

6. Party. Ooooow yeaaaaah. Party. Do I really have to say something about this? I mean, you’re 24, why not party? And before you go out, just do this. Badumtss.

7. Eat when you’re hungry, drink water when you’re thirsty. Heard that from a Belgian dude from my Erasmus group and it got stuck in my mind. But pizza is always a good idea, even if you’re not necessarily hungry. Just sayin`.

8. Get some general knowledge. Capitals of the world, kids in Africa, life in Korea. That kind of stuff. Google is very good at providing that kind of information. And so is Facebook, if you know your way ’round it.

9. Stand up for yourself, this being a memento I need to stick to my forehead or something. But yeah, think about it. You don’t have to clean someone else’s shoes if it’s not your job. Say it.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. This blog post is just my criteria of judging the people I wanna hang out with. You pass if you check all of the above. Just kidding, I don’t judge. Just kidding again.

giphy (3)


*again, all gifs from giphy.com* *it’s golden* *i love gifs*

Don’t judge me.



The real things you need to learn by the time you become 24

Given the fact that a month from now I’ll be celebrating my birthday (*cough cough*), thought I’d give this a go and see how much of a smartass I am at 23. I’m sorry for the use of the word “smartass”, but I’m not in the mood of opening Merriam Webster just to sound impressive and give you such a fake illusion about myself. Moving on. Here’s what you need to know, as I learned things by myself and not from Women’s Health magazine, although some of that crap is sometimes pretty legit. Just sayin`.

Read the freaking news. I mean, just go on Google, click News, and read it. Oh, and learn how to search on Google. I know so many people who have no idea of what to do with Google and how to search for things, when it’s so simple. But this is not a tutorial, though. Just figure that by yourself at least by the time you get out of college.

Do your studies. No comment on this one though.

Know what’s good for you. Meaning body, food, people. Choose well. Make sure you know what you’re allergic too (people included) but then again, don’t forget to experiment (again, people included). Eat your food, learn how to cook, but don’t freak out about it. Unless you’re scared to set your house on fire. Haha, just kidding.

Learn to live by yourself. I mean, no problem if you live with your parents, but get ready to meet the real world soon. And rest assured, you’ll learn how to cook for yourself by yourself. Nobody makes better pasta than me now, I am convinced.

Talking about food, and not only, have some manners. I mean, not everybody’s interested in your breaking-up conversation on the phone during our common bus ride. And also, imagine the “pleasure” of having date with someone who eats like this:



Get out of the country once. I’m not telling you “Travel, you need to see these places by the time you’re 24” and all that kind of blah-blahs in Forbes. No. Go to the neighbor country for all I care, or at least get some international friends. Not the ones that say “I love you” instead of “Hello” on Facebook, though.

Since we’re on the Facebook chapter, be social, share (the news on Google or anything), take selfies, you’re in your 20s. Enjoy it. But don’t duckface. Or do, whatever.

Listen to music. Have your ears prepared for everything, though, you never know what you might like.

Have your signature dance moves. I don’t know, do them at home only or out in the city. But have your thing. It’s fun, trust me.

Don’t have ONE favorite song. I mean, think about it. They’re all either about sex, love… Umm… Yeah, sex or love. I mean, can you really choose? Yeah, thought so 😉

Get ready to be disappointed. Even by friends. That doesn’t mean they’re not your friends anymore though. I mean, get ready to disappoint them back. You shall not be able to avoid it (*read in Gandalf voice*).

Know some movies. I’m not telling you to watch all movies since the history of cinematography, but know some titles, watch something. Think of it as common knowledge. Even “American Pie” has some things to teach you. I didn’t watch it, though. Did I lose something in life?

Have a favorite TV show to watch. Mine is Suits. But then again, Game of Thrones and House of Cards are pretty badass too. Oops, I said badass again. Didn’t find any clever synonyms, sorry. Anyway, you’re welcome.

Listen to your parents. As cheesy as it sound, they’ve been around on this planet for a longer time and check this out: they took/ still take care of you. Be grateful.

Be kind with other people and try to have some empathy. You can be a jerk, whatever creams your biscuit, but that won’t always bring good things down your path. Because, you know, not everybody likes a jerk. Just be decent.

Try to be good at something, even if that means being able to eat a KFC booster in less than a minute (boo yah!)



*cough cough*

Sorry for not giving you the “dare to dream” speech, but you’ve probably heard that one too many times to believe it anymore. I know I don’t.  And for the record, you’re not supposed to follow my lead. For all you know, I could be writing this article and be all like:


Don’t judge me.