25 things I know about myself at 25

This post was actually pending for a while. But just in my brain, there are no requests… yet (I’ll get there, I’ll be that famous, no worries). I don’t know why I was postponing it though. Oh yes I do. I like sleeping more.

I became 25 this month (took me a while, huh) and people keep asking me how it feels like. Quite frankly, it doesn’t feel like anything changed, but I guess being 25 is all about what you’ve built up for, while being 24. I hope that line sounded smart to you, because I seriously tried. With no further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Reading Marie Claire is not pointless. That’s where I learned about the magic of coconut oil. Like seriously. Best sh*t ever.

2. I like cats, too. End of story.

3. I learned that “sorry” is not a word for everything I do. Sorry for being great. Not.


4. It’s really okay to be blunt, as long as you mind your own business and don’t go ahead hurting people with words that might just be in your brain.

5. Dedicating your time to hobbies is hard. I don’t know how other people can write 2 blogs/week or take up crafting classes. Teach me your ways, Martha Stewarts.

6. It’s all going to suck at some point. Because life is sometimes shitty and you just have to deal with it, and it’s going to happen a lot.

7. Making money isn’t everything. I mean, it’s good for buying stuff but if you wake up at 40 and realize you haven’t done anything but working for the dolla` dolla` bills, don’t blame it on the boogie. It’s not the boogie, it’s you.


8. I’m thankful there hasn’t been a “worst day ever” in my life yet, and that’s why I spend my time trying not to have one of those days.

9. Days in which you don’t even put pants on are awesome. Resting your brain through sleeping and going on Tumblr are perfect, trust me.

10. Being productive is also awesome. Nothing compares to the feeling of achieving.

11. Still learning how not to sell myself cheap. And no, not in Red District style (even though that’s a job too). Being capable and great at what you do matters and no one should give you less than you deserve.

12. It’s okay if you haven’t peaked in high school. Lord knows it was a very confusing time for everyone, but there’s hope.

13. I have learned that my parents are real people. Meaning they are not there just to put you through college and everything. They have hobbies, interests, a life, and they could become cool friends when you get older, so keep them close and don’t shut them out.


14. Letting go of friends is okay. You grow apart, it’s part of life. If you can’t find the answer to “why are we still friends?”, something’s not quite spot on.

15. Getting advice and giving advice is not actually the best solution for when you have a problem. Everybody’s subjective and will only relate to similar problems that happened to them, not to you. Since every experience is different, act according to your gut. Even if it’s going to blow, take responsibility for your actions.

16. Listening to Taylor Swift at age 25 is okay.

17. Lipstick is awesome. Sorry, dudes. But hey, guys can try it too. Why double standard everything, right?


18. Health is really important. One of my biggest fears is getting an incurable disease, because in this day and age, anything can make you sick. I don’t know why I just gave that away, but I guess I needed a self reminder to try and be healthier.

19. You can have regrets at 25. And no, I’m not talking about not eating that ice cream bowl at brunch. Life really gets real in your 20’s and like I said before, it sometimes sucks.

20. Drunk texting is one of my most peculiar habits. I really try to keep it together in general, but hey, I guess my brain really likes tequila.

giphy (2)

21. Friends are really the family you make for yourself. Choosing my friends has been a challenge many times, but I think I got my head around it now.

22. You might actually like some people, but they might not feel the same about you. That’s also okay. And yes, life sucks (again?!), but at least you know where you stand. I don’t just mean romantic relationships here.

23. Jeans are the best pants ever invented. Seriously.


24. It’s not okay to grow too old too soon.

25. Eat good food.

The end. 

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The one with the bucket list.

First things first: I know you’re not supposed to put a full stop at the end of a title, but I’m a rebel that way. In your face, rules.

So yeah, anyway, even if I have 2 posts that I’ve been postponing for a while (I kind of complain in one of them so you’re better off for now; and by you, I mean you 5 readers that follow this God forsaken blog that not even my friends read), but I was just watching one of Anna Akana’s videos on YouTube where she talks about her bucket list. And as I am a grown up now, who just realized she hasn’t really accomplished anything so far *cough cough*, I had the epiphany of writing a bucket list.


The thing is, I’m sorry if I disappoint anyone, but it’s not your bucket list, mkay? And also, it’s not an usual one, like “things to do before I die”, but more like “things I want to accomplish in  life”. (Look at me being all dramatic and shit). And you’re not getting it all. I do have a private life, Facebook. Trust me, I do.

Here goes nothing.

1. Write at least 10 items of my bucket list on my blog. 

Haha, gotcha.

2. OK, I’ll be serious on this one: get a best friend and really try to keep him/her by my side for as long as possible, ’til death do us part. I’ve been going back and forth with my friends, always having trouble with staying best friends with someone. Fights, distance, disappointment can always happen, but I keep trying because I know there’s someone out there. Or just a cat, amirite?


3. Figure out what I want to with my life and start doing it. Like I said, I don’t feel like I have done something important in my life so far. It’s really hard for me to answer the question “What are you most proud of?” when I hear it in job interviews or people I’m working or networking with.  So I go with superficial answers to quickly cover up. Therefore, I’m really determined to find what I’m good at, and yes, that is a very valid bucket list item, even if I’m 50 when I find it.

4. Wow, 4 already? Kewl. Visit New York city. My friends are probably bored hearing this over and over again, but I really want to see the filthy streets of NYC, and inhale the fresh air in the subway or stumble upon the rats at the corner of the streets where people throw their garbage. There’s just something romantic about that, you know?

5. Fall in love. I will not talk about this, though, I just mentioned it so people would think I’m romantic. Which I’m not. Don’t judge me. *listening to Omarion in the background* *I got this ice box blah blah blah*


6. Start a damn YouTube channel already. One day, man. ONE. DAY.

7. Help someone out. No one has ever thanked me for helping so far, and that’s because I didn’t feel like I was doing them a favor or helping them out either, probably. And I also believe we are a little selfish when we do something just to hear a “thank you” back. And that’s not the kind of help I’m willing to give.

8. Get a tattoo. I’ll probably regret it for the rest of my life, but I actually want one. Pain, yeah, bring it!

9. Live in another country for at least a year. Work, have a life, meet new people, cry on Skype when talking to mom, that sort of stuff.

10. Whew, 10 already. Hmm, I give number 10 to drinking more water. Sounds like a New Year’s resolution, but hey, it’s for great health, and I need great health in order to fulfill the rest 90 things on my bucket list that you have no idea about. Hah. Told you I have a life outside Facebook!



I’m sorry. I took all the gifs from Google Images and I didn’t bother to get the URL for each one.