How do I become a happy person?

No, seriously. How does one become happy?

Because I’ve tried. Any kind of step to be happy.

Take long walks. I do. 2 times a day, 30 to 40 minutes each. I think a lot when walking, makes it worse.

Get a pet. I have a pet at home and one at the office. A dog and a cat. I sometimes swallow cat hair. Not good.

Make some time for yourself. What, 45 minutes showers don’t count? Plus a gentle scrub every now and then. And I really love my moisturizer, smells like something I would eat (gotta love food, right? Food makes people happy).

Wake up early. 7 freaking 30 am from Monday to Friday, given the fact that I go to sleep at exactly midnight.

Wake up late. Well, what are weekends for?

Get friends. Socialize.  Look, I try. But it’s not like I’m sending them to Budapest, or Spain, or UK.

Be positive. I”m a cheerleader. A sarcastic one, but hey, chin up!

Talk to your parents often. Every night on Facebook chat.

Don’t hold a grudge. I would probably hold a lot of them if only I’d be able to remember so many things. Really. I could be the meanest if I’d put my mind to it.

Exercise. 30 to 40 minutes 2 long walks/day. And I promise I’ll start jogging when it gets warm out. This is not just a New Year’s resolution ya’ll.

Smile more. I take selfies. Deal with it.

Read a book. “Hunger Games”. “The fault in our stars”. You have to.

Listen to music. If only I could write that in my resume.

Wear comfortable clothes. I look like a lumberjack every single day and it doesn’t get any comfier than that.

Have a blog. Well, aren’t we a little bit ironic here?

Travel. I went out of the country. Once. And walking must count as something, right? …

Stop complaining. Woop, found it.