21 (with a twist)

I was supposed to write this on New Year’s Eve, when I got tagged by Stefana, but I’m lazy (now you know). I was supposed to write actually anything until New Year’s Eve, but like I said before, I’m lazy.

Aaanyway. Why 21? That’s what I asked myself, but it seems the answer lies in a book that I haven’t read. Again, ‘cuz I’m lazy. There’s something there about the most important 21 words in your life.

And I thought writing a full text is hard. But I’ll do it anyway. Or at least try. So here it goes, in a random order:

1. Family

2. Friendship

3. Wanderlust

4. Facebook

5. Love

6. Pictures

7. Good

8. Passion

9. ADD

10. Work

11. Spontaneous

12. Laugh

13. PeanutChocolate

14. Give

15. Music

16. Communication

17. Travel

18. Holdinghands

19. Roadtrips

20. Impact

21. Summer

So here they are. I don’t really care to explain why I chose these words, because, on one hand, it has to do with personal stuff and on the other:

22. Lazy.

So, if you’d please excuse me,

Tumblr pic
Tumblr pic